File manager Help

File Manager FAQ.

1how to upload a file
Not all users can upload photos or files to JoseTusabe WEB, but if you have the permission to do it here is how you can do it.
in the example image you can see that the option "Upload File" is activated
You can upload photos only by pressing the option or you can also drag and drop in the file manager window
2How to Download to a PC or Mac
To download your photos you simply have to select the photos you want and then press the download button. I recommend downloading all the photos and then choosing since the system does not generate a preview.

To select you can press the key Ctrl + A

3How to Select Photos on my Divices
sometimes the file manager toolbar is not visible on mobile devices, so you have to enable it, simply with your finger move it down.
4Error: No Folder hae been Assinged to You

If you see this message please contact me to fix the error

Use the following contact form, please include the URL corresponding to the error. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please be patient, after I get your message it can take up to 72 hours to correct the error, if you want it to be faster you can call me directly at 718-713-5500. You can also send me a message on Whasapp. Do not forget to include the URL
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